Social Media Data Analytics Strategy

A presence on social media is certainly important, yet your campaign should also regularly analyze engagement on these platforms.  Through the prudent use of data analysis, you can get real numbers, rather than intuition and soon you’ll be inspiring more followers your insightful posts.

Recognize the Importance of Social Media Analytics and Reports

The continuous analysis of social media allows you to evaluate your performance on these important platforms and improve that performance to heighten engagement with prospective voters.  Data exporting, the establishment of benchmarks, in-depth analysis, and pinpointing the optimal times to post new content will help build potentially unstoppable momentum for your campaign.

Analyzing your social media isn’t as difficult as you might assume. It only takes a few minutes and a couple clicks to generate informative report.  You can use social media report building tools to put together customized social media reports that present clear and timely the information that’s important to your campaign.  These reports can keep you updated on things like:

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Metrics
  • User demographics
  • Other pertinent details

Use the Data to Set Benchmarks for Performance

Establish benchmarks after analyzing your social media data so that you can strive toward a goal. Your goals should be ambitious, but realistic.  For example, your campaign’s goal for social media might be hiking daily average impressions by 50% in the next month.

Another example of a good performance benchmark would be boosting your average likes per comment by 25% within a two week period.  If your engagement levels are tailing off, brainstorm more interesting content that stimulates conversation.

Social media benchmarks are merely temporary goals.  You should constantly be reassessing your goals, especially if you’re failing to achieve them.  It takes time to build engagement, but the effort is well worth it. You have to spend time with the numbers and experiment with what works in order to get a good instinct for the right time to raise, lower or change your benchmarks.

Analyze Social Media Data with Context in Mind

Social media data has the potential to confuse and confound, especially if you haven’t spent much time with these figures in the past.  If you want to develop a comprehensive understanding of the larger picture, you should start with learning the day-to-day minutia of social media statistics.

Mind the KPIs

When analyzing social media data, it is especially important to consider the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  Ideally, you should select a few KPIs will be identified before before you start your social media data analysis.  You can select whatever KPIs align with your campaign’s overarching social media strategy. They could be your follower count, your audience growth rate, the number of comments on posts or any number of other metrics. Once you’ve determined the right KPIs, select the tools that will help you gauge your success. You’ll be able to use social media data analytics to improve the return on your investment of time, effort, and money across different platforms.

Pinpoint the Optimal Time to Post to Social Media

Social media data analytics can go in-depth enough to allow you to identify the optimal time of the day to post content to each individual platform.  Through trial and error, you can find patterns in the data that show the ideal times of day to post on social media platforms.

Social media analytical tools almost always reveal the best times to post to social media platforms for maximum engagement. These are often late afternoon, for sites like Meta, or early mornings and evenings for sites like Twitter.

However, you may also consider posting during off-peak times in order to avoid competition for views and interactions.  Analyze your campaign’s unique social media data and experiment with posting to each unique platform at different times of the day to get a sense of which hours are truly the best for engagement on each unique platform.

Use Aristotle’s Data Files to Your Advantage

Aristotle offers voter and consumer data for millions of individuals. Take advantage of the data we’ve gathered so you can get a jump start on optimizing your marketing campaign. We also offer an award-winning cloud based Campaign Manager so you can easily track your campaign progress. Reach out to us for more information about how we can help your campaign reach its true potential.

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