The 5 Best Digital Tools & Platforms for Activists

Activists and nonprofit organizations aim to build momentum for their causes and mobilize communities. In order to do that, though, they need access to intuitive, user-friendly digital tools. 

While there are hundreds of tools out there designed to support the brand-building efforts of businesses, activists have fewer options at their disposal. That said, there are still plenty of great solutions available.

To help your activism organization make a real impact in the community and gain traction for its cause, we have identified five of the best digital tools and platforms for activists. Join us as we examine these tools and discuss the importance of having the right technology at your disposal. 

Why Activists Need Digital Tools

Today, 85% of Americans own smartphones. To adapt to this trend, activists need to embrace digital mobilization platforms and event planning tools that allow them to connect with audiences on the go. By embracing digital tools and platforms, activists can more effectively:

Plan Events 

Getting the word out about upcoming events is key to soliciting community support and garnering the attention of policymakers. While social media channels are one method for organizing events, sharing information at scale using these platforms can be difficult. 

Adopting an event management solution allows you to effortlessly share and manage event details with subscribers. You can provide updates through email or text, publish automated reminders to maximize attendance, and keep everyone apprised of any changes to start times or venues. 

Solicit Donations

The best digital tools for activists feature donation collection options that you can use to generate funding for your cause. When searching for an activist solution for your organization, you should focus on platforms that accommodate both one-time payments and recurring donations. 

Once you begin generating a steady cash flow for your activist organization, you can expand your outreach efforts using paid ads and other marketing tactics. 

Keep Supporters Informed

Social media channels can be a good tool for sharing information with supporters. However, these platforms are also filled with distractions, including ads and entertainment-centric content. Additionally, some of your followers may not see your posts for days.

Dedicated activist software gives you a tool for keeping your supporters in the loop about events and issues. You can also use it to disseminate information about upcoming elections or policies that are up for a vote. 

Top 5 Digital Tools for Activists

If you have been searching for a digital activism solution that can elevate the efficacy of your organization, consider adopting one of these five platforms:


Mobilize is a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy events management platform. With it, you can create customized messaging lists, send SMS or email messages to subscribers, and keep supporters in the loop about upcoming events. 

Mobilize also features survey tools, reporting capabilities, and a few other features that can help you better understand and connect with your target audience. With a great price point and user-friendly layout, Mobilize is a good option for up-and-coming activists and larger organizations alike. 

Grassroots Unwired

Grassroots Unwired features a broad mix of canvassing and advocacy tools. It is designed to support the needs of labor unions, activists, and progressive political campaigns. 

As a mobile-first solution, Grassroots Unwired is one of the ideal platforms for capitalizing on the aforementioned smartphone usage and ownership trends. It features event management capabilities, SMS messaging functionality, and a variety of other tools that you can use to target mobile audiences. To obtain detailed pricing information, you must contact the vendor and request a custom quote. 


As an all-in-one campaign management platform, NationBuilder is commonly used for political campaigns. However, it is also an excellent fit for larger activism organizations with a broad presence. 

The solution includes a good mix of field tools, fundraising software, and the ability to integrate with voter databases. It also boasts volunteer management and email marketing tools, which makes it a complete activism platform.

NationBuilder offers a tiered pricing model. The lowest tier makes the platform accessible to smaller activism groups, whereas the premium subscription is a better match for larger, well-funded organizations. The solution is relatively easy to implement, although it can take some time to get to know some of its more advanced features. 


Are you looking for a simple, cost-effective donation solution for your activism organization? If so, Donorbox is a platform worth considering. With Donorbox, you can integrate a customized donation form onto your website or create a donation page directly on the Donorbox platform. 

The versatile donation processing provider accepts a wide range of payment types, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. With a starting price of just $15, Donorbox is very accessible to activism organizations of all sizes. However, be mindful of additional fees, such as processing and withdrawal charges. 


Aristotle represents the pinnacle of campaign management software. However, due to its versatility, it is also a great fit for activism organizations. With Aristotle, you gain access to donation tools, millions of political data files, robust integrations, advocacy technology, and more. 

As an all-in-one event management solution, Aristotle can fuel your activism efforts and help you build momentum for your cause.

Are you ready to learn more about Aristotle and our award-winning event management solution? If so, we invite you to connect with our team. We can schedule a no-obligation demo, provide more information about the robust capabilities of our platform, and compile a custom quote.

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