Set the Stage for Success with the Best Political Campaign Software of 2023

Modern election cycles move at a lightning-fast pace. To keep up, your political team needs access to the latest campaign management software and technology. The question is, which solutions are going to make the biggest impact on team productivity and set your candidate up for success at the polls?

When it comes to political campaign software, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, you should choose a platform or a combination of applications based on the unique needs of your team. That said, there are a few solutions that stand above the rest in 2023, which include the following platforms:


Mobilize is a simple, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective events management platform. In the political arena, campaign teams often use it to mobilize volunteers and recruit constituents to their cause. 

Mobilize is also used by advocacy organizations, labor unions, and nonprofits. The platform includes basic reporting/analytics functionality, survey tools, attendance tracking, and scheduling capabilities. 

As one of the most cost-effective options on our list, Mobilize is a good fit for municipal and state campaigns. It can be a helpful addition for candidates running for federal offices as well. However, the team will need to adopt some complementary tools to address other functions, such as SEC reporting.


NGP Van was purpose-built for progressive and democratic campaigns. It offers customers a combination of compliance, field management, fundraising, and social media networking solutions. 

This platform is a good all-in-one field organizer tool that includes a handful of value-oriented add-on features. NGP Van also features email marketing, campaign management, and donor targeting capabilities. 

To obtain detailed pricing information about NGP Van, you will have to request a quote, as the pricing model is a bit complex. Based on the number and scope of features it provides, it is undoubtedly more costly than Mobilize. However, it also fills multiple voids within the campaign team’s technology stack.


Known for its ease of use and intuitive design, Tatango is a political SMS marketing software. With the average American checking their phone 96 times per day, Tatango represents the ideal platform for capitalizing on this constituent trend. 

The platform allows campaigns to target each audience segment with curated messages that can be used to solicit donations, encourage them to volunteer, or simply provide them with relevant information about a candidate.

Tatango has a starting price of $500 per month, making it somewhat expensive. However, it is laden with features, tools, and integrations that are designed to help a campaign maximize its reach. 

The Tatango platform is extremely easy to implement, set up, and use. As a result, campaigners can unlock nearly immediate benefits from the software. 


NationBuilder is an all-in-one campaign management system. Within the platform, managers can create new campaigns, integrate with websites or voter databases, streamline fundraising processes, and use robust field tools to better understand constituents. 

NationBuilder also features email marketing, volunteer management, and event planning capabilities. In doing so, it enables teams to oversee the entire campaign from one platform.

In terms of pricing, NationBuilder uses a tiered model. While its entry-level software is priced well, campaign teams will need to upgrade to the highest tier to unlock the platform’s more robust set of features. 

NationBuilder offers a relatively seamless implementation process. That said, users will encounter a bit of a learning curve as they get to know the platform’s more advanced tools. 

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a more simplistic campaign management solution that primarily addresses two key functions: fundraising and event management. With Wild Apricot, campaign managers can raise revenue via one-time donations or set up recurring payments. 

The platform also makes organizing events, managing attendance, and sending out invites a frictionless process. Wild Apricot has a starting monthly price of $60 and also offers a free trial period. The platform includes 90 different features and can integrate with several popular campaign tools. 


Running a successful campaign requires a steady stream of revenue. Donorbox helps campaign teams access the capital they need via its powerful but easy-to-use fundraising software. 

The popular platform supports a variety of donation methods, including ACH bank transfers, Google and Apple Pay, PayPal, and card-based payments. Users can leverage Donorbox’s campaign fundraising pages or embed a customizable donation form on their campaign website. 

Donorbox has a starting price of just $15 per month, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for fundraising. However, it provides little else in the way of campaign management tools, which means organizers will have to pair it with other tools and technologies to oversee a campaign. 


Aristotle Campaign Manager is a best-of-breed campaign management solution that will give your political team a definitive edge in 2023. The platform includes a comprehensive suite of solutions, including accounting tools, compliance functionality, FEC reporting software, fundraising capabilities, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, our campaign management platform is fueled by our extensive suite of political data. It includes a National Consumer File with over 250 million consumer records, a National Voter File with more than 235 million registered voters, and a New Mover File with over one million monthly moves in the U.S.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your campaign by combining the right campaign management platform with an abundance of high-quality data? If so, then we invite you to connect with Aristotle, an award-winning political data provider.

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