New Maine Voter List™ Full of Great Data

Maine Voter List™

The Maine Voter List™ is now up to date with new information on their more than 900,000 voters.

There will be a lot on the minds of voters this upcoming election, for example, a campaign to expand background checks for private gun sales is one of five citizen-led initiatives on Maine’s November ballot. Therefore it is crucial that your campaign has all the data it needs accurately understand the mindets of Maine’s voters.

Here is their inferred political party breakdown:

  • 28.32% Inferred Republicans
  • 47.31% Inferred Democrats
  • 24.37% Inferred Others

Make sure to utilize our accurate voter data and political geography resources to ensure higher voter turnout in 2016.

We are always looking forward to working with new causes and campaigns, so get in touch with use today!

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