100% Compliance Guarantee

Political campaigns and PACs are fueled by adrenalin but nothing is quite so heart-stopping – or potentially campaign-altering – as the specter of financial malfeasance splashed across media headlines and into the hearts and minds of voters. In an era giving new meaning to the term “polarization,” even the scent of a state or federal investigation can all but eradicate months or even years of your team’s work.

Rest Assured with Aristotle’s Compliance Guarantee

That is why Aristotle takes pride in being the only political data-management solution that absolutely, unequivocally guarantees 100% compliance with all FEC reporting requirements. No other vendor can make that promise because no other vendor has invested the resources to ensure its software does exactly what you need it to do and when you need it do it, day after day, month after month, without fail. It may explain why Aristotle has filed more FEC reports than all other campaign management solutions combined.

Aristotle’s 100% compliance guarantee lets you focus your energies on meeting your team’s goals and maybe even grabbing a few extra minutes of sleep knowing you won’t wake up on the wrong side of the day’s headlines.

Aristotle’s 100% compliance guarantee – no adrenaline required.

Dave Mason, Aristotle’s resident compliance expert and former FEC Commissioner, has several fun and interesting compliance related videos that he would like to share with you below.

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