Is Neuropolitics Being Used to Hack into Voters’ Brains?

As a member of the complex and ever-evolving political ecosystem, it is your job to stay up on the latest trends, tools, tactics, and campaign planning strategies. You are also tasked with differentiating between the latest fads in campaign planning and actionable concepts that could influence the outcome of an election cycle.  However, telling the […]

The Cyber Battle for Control of the U.S. Ballot Box

In the lead-up to every election cycle, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and a multitude of other agencies proactively work to protect our democracy from the influence of cybercriminals. From domestic bad actors to foreign entities, the threats to our digitized election processes originate from all over the globe, including right here in […]

Will Intelligent, Weaponized Chatbots Sway Voters?

Last year, 80% of people interacted with a chatbot at least once. These ubiquitous computer programs are designed to simulate conversations and help site visitors find information, access support, and resolve basic issues without contacting a real employee.  Traditionally, it’s been relatively easy to tell whether you’re talking to a chatbot. They are only equipped […]

Advocacy: Expectations vs. Reality

Whether you are leading a grassroots advocacy group or are simply a passionate member, fighting for a cause you believe in can be a true roller coaster ride. When you help someone in need, mobilize a community for your cause, or get an important issue on the ballot, you will feel elated and accomplished. Conversely, […]

Voting Software Vulnerabilities: Concerns and Risks

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) is tasked with understanding and mitigating threats to the cyber and physical infrastructure of the United States. As part of this mission, the CISA assesses voting software to identify potential vulnerabilities and insulate election processes from cyberattacks, tampering, and other malevolent activities. Last year, CISA issued an advisory […]

Will New Technology Boost Voter Turnout?

For decades, political scientists have been talking about the impacts of technological advancements on voter turnout. When electronic voting machines were deployed at scale in the early 2000s, many believed that this change would have a significant impact on voter participation levels by making the process of casting a ballot more accessible.  However, voter participation […]

What Is Data Governance and Why Does it Matter?

Big data has changed elections, public affairs, and U.S. government policies. Unfortunately, those who fall behind on data are unlikely to advance their objectives. For political campaigns and public advocacy groups, the collection, management, and use of data are essential. It makes the difference between achieving a goal—such as winning a campaign—and getting bogged down […]

6 Ways to Fight Donor Fatigue

The 2020 general election was the most expensive in history. If this teaches us anything, it’s that fundraising matters in politics. Campaigns that struggle to raise funds will always fall behind. With that said, it’s important to acknowledge one of the most common struggles when it comes to raising funds: donor fatigue, a phenomenon whereby people […]

What Do Political Consulting Firms Do?

As explained by the Harvard Business Review, consulting is “far more than just giving advice.” So, if consulting offers more, then what exactly do political consulting firms do? Read on to learn more. At Aristotle, our teams have provided the foundation for campaigns, political action committees (PACs), and advocacy groups for nearly four decades. It […]

How to Target Primary Voters

Political primaries are one of the most important aspects of elections in the United States. In a more polarized political environment that has fewer swing voters, primaries decide many elections. For campaigns, navigating a primary can be challenging. As many people do not regularly vote in primary elections, campaigns must be able to find and […]

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