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John Aristotle Phillips discusses Aristotle's voter data with the BBC

John Aristotle Phillips discusses Aristotle's voter data in an interview with the BBC

Aristotle provides high-quality political data for political organizations, campaigns, consultants and governmental agencies worldwide. Our massive and ever-expanding database includes over 190 million U.S. voters from 3,100 counties and political data from 157 nations.  Every one of our voter records are checked for accuracy, as well as maintained to stay current.

Fast Company

Fast Company: Aristotle delivers valuable (and detailed!) data to candidates about potential supporters. In fact, don’t be surprised if the candidates know more about you than you do about them.

In addition to the voter information provided by the election boards, such as, race, exact age, vote history, and school board district, we also offer new demographic fields and over 500 other attributes including hobbies, households and financial information. We can ever append these attributes to your existing database.

Access To Voter Data 24/7/365

We know you and your staff works around the clock. That’s why we created the first 24/7 online voter data service in the business, VoterListsOnline.com. Whether it’s midnight, Saturday afternoon or just a regular workday, your organization can select and target only the voters you need by targeting individuals through a comprehensive selection of demographics including but not limited to: political district, political party affiliation, super voters, gender, ethnicity, marital status, wealth, educational level and presence of children.

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Take Microtargeting To The Next Level

In addition to the wealth of demographics Aristotle already provides for high-level micro-targeting, you can now identify your voters based on their interests and hobbies. Aristotle maintains a list of over 5.4 million voters who hold hunting and fishing licenses, as well as individuals who subscribe to a wide array of magazine subscriptions including family, religious, financial, health, culinary and do-it-yourself publications.

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Anytime Access to Your Constituents

Instant access to every voting constituent in your district directly from your Capitol Hill office, home or anywhere with Internet access.

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Your List and Our Data Files – A Perfect Match

Aristotle can match your in-house voter file with ours, update your district database or configure a data set to meet your needs.

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Aristotle Promise

Only Aristotle backs its products with a 100% FCC, FEC and state compliance guarantee. We also UNCONDITIONALLY guarantee the quality of our voter files, voter emails and voter cell phones. Credit cards are always welcome for any purchase you make, and if, for any reason, any voter emails or voter records you obtain from us are returned as undeliverable, we’ll gladly issue a refund. No questions, no problem, no fuss. Fair enough?

Your Next Steps

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products or services, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Call us at (800) 296-2747Email us at sales@aristotle.com

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