PAC Outsourcing

A History of Experience and Innovation

The very basics of everyday PAC operations are often the most time consuming and stress inducing. Every PAC administrator dreams of having more time to design and conduct solicitations, communicate with eligible donors and build PAC membership. Aristotle has been filing reports with the FEC and state reporting agencies for over 20 years and understands the anxieties that detailed filing requirements and related duties place on PAC managers.

We offer attractive options for outsourcing your compliance reporting. Our experience in filing FEC and state reports, extensive client list, and in-depth knowledge of how PACs operate will provide you with the assurance you need to feel confident that your PAC is in the hands of true professionals. From filing compliance reports accurately and on time, to issuing checks to candidates, reconciling bank accounts or providing detailed management reports.

We Can Provide the Following Services:

  • Overall program evaluation, bench-marking and recommendations
  • Filing FEC reports and reports in all 50 states
  • Filing IRS forms
  • Importing/entering contributions
  • Issuing and disbursing PAC checks along with accompanying letters
  • Tracking contributions and disbursements
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Investing PAC funds
  • Providing reports for a full program analysis
  • Thank-you notes to PAC contributors

Ready to Get Started?

Get started today having Aristotle take over your PAC compliance requirements at a special discounted rate.  Receive two months of free services when you sign a two-year Outsourcing contract.  That’s huge savings to you and your PAC.

PAC Checkup from the Experts

In addition to your two months of free Outsourcing services, your organization will gain a free PAC Checkup, courtesy of our PAC compliance and development experts. This includes a one-on-one consultation with Jeff Ashe or Katie Anderson, some of the industry’s leading PAC development experts.

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