PAC Consulting

Whether you are establishing a new PAC or are seeking to improve an existing PAC, Aristotle will provide innovative, reliable and efficient solutions to help you achieve your goals. Building a strong PAC takes vision, dedication and commitment to achieve a common goal. It also requires management of a host of important details and adherence to many crucial filing and reporting deadlines.

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Aristotle has developed the consulting knowledge and experience to move your PAC in the right direction with its professional, informed staff and industry-leading PAC services and software. Whether it’s producing basic marketing brochures, mastering the latest in electronic solicitation, targeting the largest groups of eligible donors to useful suggestions for describing your PACs operation or simply effective executive management – Aristotle is your total solution provider.

For Start-up or New PACs:

  • Assisting with gaining executive buy-in
  • Filing necessary documentation with appropriate regulatory agencies
  • Establishing a PAC bank account
  • Assisting in the naming of a PAC Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
  • Forming the PAC Board structure
  • Creating PAC bylaws
  • Creating a PAC strategic plan with mission statement and objectives
  • Establishing criteria for making PAC contributions to candidates
  • Creating a PAC budget
  • Providing legal guidance concerning compliance questions/inquiries
  • Determining whether a full-time PAC manager is needed
  • Assistance in branding the new PAC

Ongoing PAC Operations:

  • PAC audits
  • Program evaluation, benchmarking and recommendations
  • PAC strategic planning
  • Surveys/focus groups
  • Assisting with review or determination of the PAC solicitable class
  • Executive consultations
  • Motivational speaking
  • Development of comprehensive training materials
  • Conducting training for PAC board members and ambassadors
  • Soliciting executives, management and PAC-eligible individuals
  • Providing turn-key electronic and direct mail solutions
  • Developing/updating websites, newsletters and brochures
  • Consulting on special PAC events and recognition
  • Developing overall PAC membership campaign strategies
  • Assisting with the actual management of the membership campaign
  • Developing campaign themes and messaging
  • Preparing materials for meetings with the CEO and executive management
  • Developing content for all solicitation materials
  • Implementing best practices from industry specific companies
  • Identifying PAC solicitors/ambassadors
  • Developing detailed campaign timelines including dos and don’ts, frequently asked questions, roles and responsibilities, talking points, peer comparisons and other political data

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