Smarter Tools for Politics

Aristotle is recognized as the leading pioneer in political technology, servicing many of the largest grassroots organizations, PACs and political campaigns in the US and abroad.

Rated highest in customer service in a recent Public Affairs Council vendor survey, Aristotle is a total solution provider, bringing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to meet your organization’s needs with software, political data, consulting and outsourcing.

Political Organizations


Aristotle is where leading campaign consultants and experts go for the most advanced political tools and accurate voter files. Forever nonpartisan, our focus has always been on providing you cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. No matter your needs, our services can meet them.

Every U.S. President — Democrat and Republican — from Reagan through Obama, has used Aristotle products and/or services, as have many U.S. Senators, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Democratic and Republican state party organizations and other major campaigns worldwide.

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Rated highest in customer satisfaction by members of the Public Affairs Council for three years running, Aristotle is the total solution provider, bringing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to meet your PAC needs with software, consulting and outsourcing.

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Aristotle’s grassroots consulting group works with clients to plan their grassroots and public affairs strategy and assist in its implementation. Our expertise, along with our advanced data management and communication technologies, makes Aristotle qualified to develop and convey effective messages that resonate with legislators, employees, and the public.

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Data Products and Services

Political Data

Aristotle maintains a nationwide voter registration file of over 190 million registered voters. We obtain and catalogue the original files from more than 4,000 election boards, county clerks and Board of Registrars. Aristotle appends telephone numbers, verifies addresses and flags for deceased voters through the United States postal service’s National Change of Address registry and the Social Security Administration.

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Integrity – Age and ID Verification

Integrity is a suite of widely-accepted age and identity verification services, presented by Aristotle, which works by verifying a personal identity record against a combination of government-issued ID and other personal identity data. More than 50 million consumers have interacted with Integrity when transacting with global Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and merchants and we insure all transactions against fines incurred by the merchant for underage access.

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