Getting Well After the Election

By: Dave Mason
Sr. VP, Compliance Services 


Post-election Contribution Rules vary by state

Elections don’t always turn out as expected. When the unexpected happens, our PAC clients sometimes want to get back on the winning side by making post-election contributions. Whether such contributions count against limits for the election that just occurred, or for the next contest two years or more hence, depends on a mix of governing law and the candidate’s financial status.

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PAC Pointers 101

How do you approve your check requests? 

Aristotle offers a better way to manage corporate and PAC contribution reviews. With Aristotle Political Contributions System (PCS), users can request, approve, track, budget and search disbursement requests for PACs and direct corporate political contributions. Built with a focus on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance standards, users in Aristotle PCS have defined roles to ensure separation of requestor, approver and administrator duties. PCS provides a secure and auditable process for the vetting, approving, and issuing of political contributions.

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Need Maine Voters? Concentrate on These Three Counties

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In Maine, 40.9% of voters reside in three counties: Cumberland, Lewiston and Bangor of which 10.9% of them have an interest in fishing.

What doest that mean? Well, the Gulf of Maine Cod population is at an all time low and federal regulators will be meeting to consider new regulations next week.

With such causes affecting voters statewide it is always good to know what hot topic issues might make them sway one way or the other. That is why we recently updated our Maine voter file on

Check them out today and see how Aristotle data can help you in your next election cycle.

Prepping for Florida Special Primary Elections in 2015 Starts Now

11_11 FL_lrgWhile midterms are in the rearview mirror for most, this is not a time to relax for Floridians.

Come January 27th and April 7th of next year, Florida will be holding special primary elections for 3 state legislature seats.

Because we know that you always need the freshest, most accurate data available to plan your GOTV and fundraising strategies we have just updated our Florida voter file on

The 3 races cover over 500,000 potential voters meaning every vote counts. In State Senate District 06 there are 310,634 voters of which 18.4% are considered High Propensity Voters.

Get started today so that when the primaries roll around you aren’t on the losing end!

Adam Melis, Welcome to Aristotle and to the Public Affairs Consulting Team

We are excited to have Adam Melis join our team of public affairs consultants. This team has made their mark on the industry and we’re incredibly proud to have them all as part of the Aristotle Family. Welcome, Adam.

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