Kentucky Voter Data Says Voters Most Concerned About Jobs and the Economy

9_29-KY-lrgWhat two issues are at the top of Kentucky voters lists during this election cycle? Jobs and the Economy.

With November 4th fast approaching, Aristotle has made sure to keep our voter file on Kentucky as up to date as possible. Here are some data points from the most recent update:

  • 47.2% of Kentucky voters have a General Election Voter Propensity score of 70% or greater
  • 5% of those voters are Blue Collar or Middle-Management Workers directly affected by policies affection job creation

Voter data is constantly changing. Make sure you aren’t left guessing this election. Start today with our recently updated our Kentucky voter file which is now available and online at 

Likely Tea Party Supporters Could Influence Mississippi Results Come November 4th

9_25-MS-lrgThere are many factors that go into how a race is decided down the stretch. In Mississippi over the last couple of months, Likely Tea Party Supporters have grown in number.

Perhaps the continued ballot challenge by defeated primary Senate candidate, Chris McDaniel, is behind voter’s beginning to lean one direction instead of the other.

In Mississippi, voters do not register by party. That means reading the tea leaves that is voter data in this state will be crucial come November 4th. Fortunately, we recently updated our Mississippi voter file which is now available and online at 

Make sure to check it out today to see where your voters are starting to lean.

West Virginia’s Race for Open U.S. Senate Seat Heats Up with NRA Endorsement

9_23-WV-lrgWest Virginia’s race for the open U.S. Senate seat has hit the next level with a recent endorsement by the NRA.

Unlike most states, such an endorsement is considered a hot ticket item – and the lagging Democratic candidate is trying to force the issue on her Republican opponent.

With November 4th right around the corner, its becoming increasingly important to make sure you know where your voters are on the issues critical to your campaign’s success. Don’t lose precious time using inaccurate data.

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New Primary 2014 Vote History for Michigan on

9-23-14-Michigan-PRI14-VHFrom Reagan to Obama, Aristotle has been leading the way in all-things voter data since 1988.

Start discovering the power of big data – accurate, up-to-date and exactly what you need to give your campaign that little bit extra come Midterms.

We recently updated our Michigan voter file with Primary 2014 vote history and we wanted to make sure that you knew about it.

The file is now online at and ready for your final drive to November 4th.

What a Campaign Manager Actually Does

Perceptions are powerful, especially in politics. Here is Aristotle’s breakdown of the varying perceptions of campaign managers.

Enjoy your Friday!