The GOP Is Not Afraid of Technology in 2014


“In an off-year election, there’s no doubt that a candidate in Montana is going to know better what he or she should be using in the way of software and digital and messaging,” John Phillips, CEO of Aristotle, a nonpartisan campaign technology firm, told Mashable. The power of a centralized database, Phillips said, is lessened.

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Vermont’s Millennials to Decide Important Elections?

10_16 VT-lrgWhat is a millennial? They are the 21% of the voting population in the U.S. and are born since 1980.

In Vermont, millennials make up 20.2% of the registered voters and of that group 22% are considered High Propensity Voters.

So what does that mean for Vermont? According to some experts, millennials could hold the keys to Republican success in winning a majority in the U.S. Senate.

Our updated Vermont voter file which is now available online at can help you and your team of campaigners more easily target the illusive millennial population. Who knows, it might help decide your election.

Kansas Primary 2014 Vote History Added to Voter File

10-16-KS-PRI14-VLOWe recently updated our Kansas voter file with Primary 2014 vote history and we wanted to make sure that you knew about it before November 4th.

Aristotle makes ‘big data’ accessible and easy to use. Allowing you to reach and understand demographics and micro-targeting like never before. Give us a try and see what all the talk is about – it could just save your campaign!

The Kansas file is available online at and ready for your final drive to November 4th.

FL and MN Voter Files Updated with Primary 2014 Vote History

MN-FL-Primary14-VHStart discovering the power of big data – accurate, up-to-date and exactly what you need to give your campaign that little bit extra come Midterms.

We recently updated our Florida and Minnesota voter files with Primary 2014 vote history and we wanted to make sure that you knew about it.

The file is now online at and ready for your final drive to November 4th.

Maximizing Your Resources

Charles_LowBy: Charles Low
National Data Sales Executive

Practical Guidance to Spending More Efficiently 

Resources are always limited, whether you are running a $100 million dollar state, national campaign or a campaign for city council. The general rule is you don’t spend money where you don’t have to spend money.

In political campaigns, you generally don’t want to spend resources on voters who have already cast a ballot. Likewise, you don’t want to spend money on expensive mailing pieces or spend valuable time calling someone in a get out the vote effort who has already voted. Our data team would rather see clients save their valuable time and money by only obtaining data on people who have yet to vote.

Aristotle offers the ability to track early voters on a daily basis in any state or county race. So you may be purchasing less data, but you will most certainly be getting more for your money.