The Case Against ‘Gaming’ Electoral Rules

By: David M. Mason, JD
Sr. VP, Compliance Services

The case for sound policies in lieu of ‘gaming’ the system

The Washington Post recently reported that Florida Democrats are attempting to qualify a ballot initiative to undo an electoral calendar change that Florida Democrats imposed several decades ago in an effort to change the election system to the party’s benefit. In the 1960s, Florida Democrats moved the state gubernatorial election to the even year between presidential contests because they believed that more Republican voters turned out in presidential years. Florida Republicans have now won five straight gubernatorial elections while Barack Obama carried the state twice in the presidential contest. Party advisers now believe Democrats have a turnout advantage in presidential years, so they are sponsoring the initiative to move the gubernatorial election back to the presidential year.

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Key Races Coming to Louisiana in 2015, Get the Voter Files You Need Today

12_8 LA-lrgAfter 2014, you would think there might be some political respite in Louisiana. Lucky for you, 2015 will be just as exciting with races ranging from a gubernatorial tussle to several municipal battles.

Declared candidates for the election include John Bel Edwards, Minority Leader of the Louisiana House of Representatives for the Democrats and Senator David Vitter.

What you need to know about Louisiana post-midterms:

  • Over 2.7 million voters, the majority of whom have a phone.
  • However, only 30% of voters have an email address.

The majority of registered voters in Louisiana are Democrats, coming in at 47%. Republicans are in the minority with 27% , and 25% identifies with other parties. When you’re contacting your voters, be sure to know what their tendencies are by reviewing this map, which details the concentration of Democrats and Republicans throughout the state.

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Columbus Mayor Up for Grabs and More Races Coming to Ohio in 2015

12_1 OH-lrg

Columbus’s longest serving mayor in history, Mayor Michael B. Coleman, has announced that he’s not running for re-election. This leaves the seat open, and the Democratic City Council Chairman has been making moves to run.

On May 5th, 2015, the Ohio primary elections are due, so that is your cue to get the lowdown on Ohio voters post-midterm elections.

  • Ohio has nearly nearly 7 million registered voters, with Columbus taking in about 434,000. 6.4% of whom are high propensity primary voters.
  • Over 59% of Ohio voters have registered a phone, and 34% have email.
  • 17% of voters are registered Republicans, 11% Democrats, and 70% are registered with other parties.

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Getting Well After the Election

By: Dave Mason
Sr. VP, Compliance Services 


Post-election Contribution Rules vary by state

Elections don’t always turn out as expected. When the unexpected happens, our PAC clients sometimes want to get back on the winning side by making post-election contributions. Whether such contributions count against limits for the election that just occurred, or for the next contest two years or more hence, depends on a mix of governing law and the candidate’s financial status.

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PAC Pointers 101

How do you approve your check requests? 

Aristotle offers a better way to manage corporate and PAC contribution reviews. With Aristotle Political Contributions System (PCS), users can request, approve, track, budget and search disbursement requests for PACs and direct corporate political contributions. Built with a focus on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance standards, users in Aristotle PCS have defined roles to ensure separation of requestor, approver and administrator duties. PCS provides a secure and auditable process for the vetting, approving, and issuing of political contributions.

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