Springfield, MO School District Election on 7th of April Has Show Me State On Alert

3-25-15_MO-lrgMissouri’s largest school district, Springfield, which is in Greene County, will have three at large seats on its school board up for election on April 7.

According to Aristotle’s updated Missouri voter file on VoterListsOnline.com, seventeen percent of voters in the school district have a child present in the home and are considered High Propensity Voters. Sixty-four percent of these voters are Inferred Republicans.

What does that mean for Democrat-leaning candidates looking to find a place on Springfield’s school board? How should they best reach the voters that they need?

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West Virginia 2014 General Vote History Added to Voter File on VoterListsOnline.com

3-24-15_WV-GVHNew on Aristotle’s voter data site, VoterListsOnline.com, is 2014 General Vote History for the great state of West Virginia.

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Illinois State Voter File Updated: 18th Congressional District Up for Grabs After Schock Resignation

3-19-15_IL-lrgWith the pending resignation of Representative Aaron Schock at the end of this month, Illinois’ 18th Congressional District will be forced into holding a special election.

Candidates will be lining up for a chance to represent their constituents in Congress. So, what does the 18th Congressional District electorate look like?

A quick peek into the 18th via Aristotle’s updated Illinois voter file, now online at VoterListsOnline.com, shows:

  • 64% of voters are aged 45 and over
  • 24% of the population voted in 2014 primary
  • 52% of these voters are female.

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District of Columbia Voter Data for Wards 4 and 8 Updated for April 28 Election

3-19-15_DC-lrgThe District of Columbia has elections on April 28, 2015. Wards 4 and 8 are the focal points for District voters with special attention falling on candidate Christopher Barry, son of the late ex-Mayor Marion Barry, who is running for his father’s now vacant seat.

Here are the key data points driving the conversation in Ward 8:

  • 45,867 voters live within the ward
  • 23% of voters are High Propensity Voters
  • 93% of whom are registered Democrats

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Arizona 2014 Primary and General Vote History Added to VoterListsOnline.com

3-19-15_AZ-PRI-GVHOur Arizona state voter file has been upgraded with new vote history on VoterListsOnline.com.

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