New Mexico’s 2014 General Vote History Added to Voter File Online

3-6-15_NM-VLO-GVHAristotle’s is your campaign’s one-stop data purveyor. With regular and accurate updates to each state’s voter file, there is no better place to find voter data for 2015 and 2016 than right here.

Wee would like to call to your attention our latest update to New Mexico’s voter file which now boasts 2014 General Vote History as one of the many enhancements available to VLO clients.

If you are running a campaign in New Mexico, then you know what to do. It is that simple.

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Today on find the recently enhanced Maine voter file which now contains 2014 General Vote History.

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2014 General Vote History is just one of the 500+ enhancements available to our clients once they access

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New York Congressional District 11 Readies for May 5th Special Election

3-5-15_NY-lrgNew York’s 2015 election schedule is jam packed with exciting races, but we would like to turn your focus to Congressional District 11 which is holding a special election on May 5th, 2015.

What you need to know about Registered Party voters in the 11th:

  • 55% are female
  • 68% are Caucasian
  • 11% are Active Military, Veterans or Military Supporters
  • 39.7% are High Propensity Voters

To gain a fuller picture of this New York district and many more like it, visit We’ve recently updated our New York voter file with new vote history data points and various other enhancements.

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2014 General and Primary Vote History Added to Wisconsin Voter File

3-4-15_WI-VLO-GVHAristotle has big data news for Wisconsin campaigns: 2014 General and Primary Vote History is now available as enhancements to our voter file.

Check out today to view the updated Wisconsin file (and the 49 other states while you’re at it!).

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NJ 2014 General Vote History Added on

3-4-15_NJ-VLO-GVHWelcome to March! Aristotle has data news for all of the New Jersey campaign warriors!

Now available on is our updated New Jersey voter file containing 2014 General Vote History, amongst the many other data points present in our exhaustive voter files.

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