Valid Data: The Key Ingredient to Successful Campaigns

VLO Screen ShotAs targeting plays an increasingly significant role in campaigns and political organizations, the validity of voter data is a key ingredient to a successful campaign. In fact, outdated or inaccurate data is worse than no data as the damage done by inaccurate data is often too much to overcome.

When buying data, three questions must be asked:

  1. What is the source of the data?
  2. How accurate is the data?
  3. How is the data enhanced?

Failure to find adequate answers to these questions could mean the difference between cleaning up after a victory party and returning those ‘victory’ shirts.

Fortunately, Aristotle has the solutions to elevate your cause to the next level!

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Aristotle Afternoon: In-District Visits, Meetings, Tours, Gatherings

Aristotle-Afternoon-AmyMeli-KellyGrunig1-6-30-15For our inaugural Aristotle Afternoon, Kelly Kennai Grunig, from the YMCA, presented on their outstanding grassroots program and, in particular, their facility visit efforts. Though there were many, one key takeaway from the session was: make sure the visiting official does something. Don’t just give them a tour or have a sit-down meeting, but do something.

An activity, such as reading to a Y daycare class, makes the event memorable and ensures that the speaker’s message is tailored to the audience.

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Aristotle Afternoon on June 23

A Aristotle Afternoon 6-5-15As your team strategically plans its next issue campaign, have you answered a key question: do we have the right relationships in place with our key contact network?

Or, do you find that a new member of the committee you need action from doesn’t know that your company exists? Are you only engaging your network during times of emergency, and are looking for new ways to keep your relationships fresh and engaged? If so, then the first Aristotle Afternoon is an excellent opportunity for you to think about new ways to expand your program.

Sign up for: In it for the Long Haul: Building Quality Relationships with In-District Meetings

This complimentary event will be the first in a series of programs at our DC headquarters.

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Locking Down an Action Alert

Strategic advice for when and when not to lock down

Advocacy software systems, such as Aristotle 360, offer back-end users the option to prohibit advocates from editing their messages. After conducting an informal survey of clients, account managers and colleagues, we found this feature rarely utilized. Below I’ll address why this may be the case, in addition to a few insights on when ‘locking down’ is necessary.

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Secrets to Keeping the State Elections Board Happy

Wisconsin Campaign Finance Reporting: Tools and Tricks

Filing campaign statements with the State Elections Board (SEB) or any government agency can be a nerve racking and mentally exhausting experience. Having to itemize nearly every transaction, complete complicated forms and follow obscure rules make reporting a challenging job.

The frequency of reports, rapid turnaround required during election season and requirement for exact reporting makes campaign reporting scary for even the most seasoned professional accountant.

With all of that said, after working for years with many clients, we have come up with some best practices for staying out of trouble and keeping the SEB happy.

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