New Hampshire 2014 Primary and General Vote History Added to Voter File

3-31-15_NH-VLO-GVH-PRINew on Aristotle’s voter data site,, is 2014 Primary and General Vote History for New Hampshire.

Aristotle regularly updates its voter files like our New Hampshire file which you can access today.

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Hawaiian High Propensity Voters to Decide 2016 Elections?

3-30-15_HI-lrgWith no major elections in 2015, Hawaiian voters can kick up their feet and enjoy the year. But for campaigns starting to put together plans for 2016, now is the time to get their ducks in a row.

Aristotle’s updated Hawaii state voter file can help a campaign do just that!

  • One-third of Hawaiian voters are considered High Propensity Voters
  • 38.6% of High Propensity Voters are Inferred Democrats

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Educational Ranking Could Rankle Minnesota Voters Into 2015 Changes

3-27-15_MN-lrgIn a recent online ranking on educational quality in city schools, St. Paul, Minnesota ranked 81 of 90. Ouch!

St. Paul’s seven city council seats are up for election this year. Perfect timing some might say!

Education will be a key issue for candidates to focus on in order to garner the support they need in November. Our updated Minnesota voter file comes with access to 500+ enhancements on

Here are a few data points focusing on St. Paul voters:

  • 25.6% of St. Paul voters have a child present in the home
  • 31.1% of these voters are High Propensity Voters

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Houston Mayoral ‘Jungle Primary’ Sure to Make 2015 in Texas Roar

3-27-15_TX-lrgHouston will have a new mayor in 2015 via one of the stranger electoral processes across the United States.

In what is fondly referred to some as a ‘jungle’ or ‘Louisiana’ primary, voters in Houston will go to the polls on May 9, 2015 to cast their votes for the candidate they want for November’s run-off.

Democrat, Republican, Independent and everyone else running for mayor will be pitted against each other, with just the top two vote getting candidates making it to the next round.

A possible key issue for this election could be the Houston Gay Rights Ordinance Referendum that ‘could’ be on the ballot in November. And without the aforementioned party specific primaries, this issue might turn the tide on each candidate’s campaign.

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Springfield, MO School District Election on 7th of April Has Show Me State On Alert

3-25-15_MO-lrgMissouri’s largest school district, Springfield, which is in Greene County, will have three at large seats on its school board up for election on April 7.

According to Aristotle’s updated Missouri voter file on, seventeen percent of voters in the school district have a child present in the home and are considered High Propensity Voters. Sixty-four percent of these voters are Inferred Republicans.

What does that mean for Democrat-leaning candidates looking to find a place on Springfield’s school board? How should they best reach the voters that they need?

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