Do You Know Indiana?

7_16-IN-lrgWe recently updated our Indiana state voter files on and wanted to tell you about it.

Did you know that Indiana voters do not register by party? Of the 4 million plus voters:

  • 32.6% of voters are considered SuperVotersTM and 4.1% of those voters are only reachable by mobile phone
  • Democrats hold a slight edge in inferred SuperVotersTM over Republicans, 59.6% to 54.9%

Aristotle’s Data Team works around the clock to keep our Indiana state voter file up-to-date on

Accurate data is crucial to your success in today’s political game and that is why you need to campaign smarter with Aristotle data.


Political Targeting

By: Andrew Tavani
Vice President, National Sales

microtargeting2-resized-600Micro-targeting has transformed the way political organizations run campaigns.

Presidential and local campaigns alike are leveraging big data to target and model constituencies in an attempt to communicate and message effectively. Whether it is a fundraising piece, banner ad, GOTV robocall, email campaign or canvassing effort, any form of campaign communication is likely centered around a small, targeted subset of voters. There is no single data point that indicates a voter’s likelihood of casting a ballot or supporting a certain cause. Rather, campaigns need to dig deep into the voter file for many pieces of information which paint the broad picture of a voter’s preferences. Targeting of this breadth and nature can hamstring campaign assets and resources.

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AMP Continuing to Change Mobile Fundraising


AMP has made making political contributions easier than ever, so it’s no surprise that the average AMP contribution is $159 more than the average online contribution.

The mobile fundraising revolution continues. Get yours today!

Brooks Brothers, the Campaign AMEX and the FEC: A Cautionary Tale

By: David Mason
Senior Vice President, Compliance Services

FEC-Logo-150x150Connie Mack lost his U.S. Senate race in Florida in 2012, but the FEC wasn’t finished until about a month ago. The campaign’s offense was a pair of charges at Brooks Brothers totaling $468 in April and May 2012. The charges were duly reported on the campaign’s July 2012 Quarterly report, generating snarky news stories and an FEC complaint by a Florida voter. Since the “personal use” of campaign funds is prohibited, the campaign promptly had the errant staffer make a reimbursement.

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Grassroots Champions: Seven Strategies for Success

By: Meghan (McLaughlin) DiMuzio
Director, Grassroots Consulting

business-relationshipsGrassroots Champions. Grassroots Ambassadors. Super Advocates. Advocacy Captains.

What do all four of these titles have in common? You guessed it – they’re all an attempt to brand a program for Grassroots Leaders.

Grassroots Champions are an important piece of any advocacy plan. Why? Because as we’ve seen time and time again, the stories of an organization’s key stakeholders are impactful to Congress and the Administration. Sure, great advocates for your organization can share personal stories and put a face to a policy debate, but Grassroots Champions take it a step further; by helping your organization educate and maintain year-round relationships with their members of Congress.

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