Aristotle Has 2014 General Vote History For All 50 States


No one in the industry can touch Aristotle’s voter data. Aristotle is the only voter data provider out there who, as of this moment, has 2014 General Vote History for all 50 states.

Your campaign starts now. Why wait for up-to-date data? If you need it, we have it. Period. has the most up-to-date election info out there, the cleanest data, the best phones and the most comprehensive consumer appends — including hand-coded profiles for better targeting! You want to know more?

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AMP: Campaign Anytime, Anywhere

AMP LogoAristotle’s credo is that innovation drives progress, especially when it disrupts the status quo. Two decades ago, Aristotle played a pioneering role in the invention of online political fundraising—a revolution that upended the traditional shadowy means of raising money for campaigns.

Aristotle is again upending the political world with an innovation that has been four years in the making. Stemming from collaborating with Square™, a mobile credit card processor, during the 2012 presidential election, the company sought to build on the capabilities of Square™ to develop a mobile solution specifically designed for political fundraising. As a result, fundraising is again the target of Aristotle engineers, who have brought the power of data mining to mobile campaigns in what we have coined the Aristotle Mobile Processor or ‘AMP’.

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Alabama Voter File Updated with 2014 General Vote History

4-23-15_AL-VLO-GVHOur latest voter file update sets Aristotle apart from the rest of the competition as we now have 2014 General Vote History for all 50 states!

Visit to access our most recent update, Alabama, and any of the other 49 states.

Aristotle not only provides top-notch and exclusive voter data, but also 24/7 customer support, 500+ demographic enhancements and competitive pricing structures to let your campaign build a strong foundation without having to worry about the essentials.

It is now easier than ever to start piecing together a winning strategy for any size campaign.

Massachusetts School Board Elections Include Nine Districts, Fifty One Seats in 2015

4-22-15_MA-lrgThis year is shaping up to be very busy at the municipal level of Massachusetts politics.

The city of Boston will hold elections for all 13 city council seats on November 3, 2015 with the primary being held on September 22.

Massachusetts voters will also have the chance to decide who they want sitting in 51 school board seats that are up for election in nine Massachusetts school districts, which are among America’s largest school districts by enrollment.

Keeping tabs on all the latest voter data shaping the races closest to you is Aristotle’s Our recently updated Massachusetts’ voter file on can help your campaign better understand its constituency with accurate data points like these:

  • 16% of Boston’s voters have registered since 1/1/2013
  • 45% of them are Democrats and 47% are No Party

Access our file and many more like it today and begin reaping the benefits of our vast database of voter data.

Possible Immigration Stance to Put Off Future Business Investment in Georgia?

4-22-15_GA-lrgOn April 20, the PeachPundit published a blog post covering the recent GA GOP congressional district conventions and the resolutions passed by many that deal with illegal immigration. The resolutions may make it difficult for legal immigrants as well as illegal immigrants to work and live in GA.

Governor Deal has successfully positioned Georgia as the number one state in which to do business. Much of the job growth has come from the automotive industry, many of who are foreign owned.

How will these proposed stances on immigration sway voters?

Aristotle’s recently updated Georgia voter file on can help your campaign better understand its constituency with accurate data points like these:

  • 31% of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District voters are identified as African American, Asian or Hispanic
  • 20% of High Propensity Voters are Non-Caucasian voters

Make 2015 and 2016 a banner election cycle for you and your campaign, use Aristotle’s unrivaled voter data.