Arkansas Voter File: Updated Around the Clock

8_20-AR-lrgInside our Arkansas voter file you will find data points central to improving your GOTV or fundraising efforts, like knowing that 96.59% of voters are registered as Other Party.

Without having a strong base of registered voters to call upon, knowing your voter bases’ inferred party standing is paramount:

  • 30.36% of Arkansas voters are Inferred Republicans
  • 39.1% of Arkansas voters are Inferred Democrats

We also make sure that all of our voter files are up-to-date. How do we do that you ask? Easy, our tireless Data Team works around the clock to ensure the data that you use and rely upon is always updated and available online at

With 74 days until midterms it would be foolish not to at least check out Aristotle’s data. We have been in the business of voter lists since 1988 after all!

Primary Runoff Data for Texas & Primary 2014 Vote History for Maryland, New Jersey and Idaho Now on


Maryland, Idaho and New Jersey voter files (dark blue) have recently been updated with Primary 2014 vote history.

Our Texas file (sky blue) has also been updated with Primary 2014 Runoff data.

All of this great info is online now at

Indiana Voter File Updated and Available on

8_19-IN-LRGAfter 30+ years working in politics, we understand the importance of having accurate data.

That is why our recently updated Indiana voter file is continuously looked after by Aristotle’s Data Team to ensure that you can find the most up-to-date data online at

Inside our Indiana file you will find data points central to improving your GOTV or fundraising efforts.

Learn more today and start seeing the benefits of Aristotle data.

Updated Voter File for Oregon Now Available at

8_14-OR_lrgOur Oregon voter file, recently updated on, is the perfect place to find key data on the voters that you need to be talking to.

Like the figuring out how to reach 32.09% of voters categorized as Registered Other Parties. That is a large amount of non-registered Democrat or Republican voters that will have a major say in deciding elections on November 4th.

You will also find recently added Primary ’14 vote history in our updated voter file. Another tool to add to your campaign arsenal.

Give us a call today to learn more about Aristotle data and how it might help you improve your GOTV and fundraising efforts this fall.

Pennsylvania Donor Voters, What and Who You Need to Know

8_5-PA-lrgAlmost half of Pennsylvania’s 7.5 million voters have a history of Charitable or Political contributing. That is a large pool of potential fundraisers for your campaign. Over a third of that same population have a Vote Propensity Score of over 70%. That means these voters care about their politics.

Our recently updated Pennsylvania voter file contains all sorts of details on the voters within the Keystone state. Details that can help you drive your GOTV and fundraising efforts until election day in November.

Aristotle’s Data Team keeps a close eye on our voter files, making sure that they are constantly updated and available on We do this because after 30+ years in the business of politics, we know the value of accurate data.

Learn more today by visiting us online and begin reaping the benefits of Aristotle data.