Aristotle 360 Grassroots

Are you looking for technology solutions to significantly improve your abilities to influence legislation on your issues? Aristotle 360 Grassroots product suite offers you the most powerful tools in the industry to conduct basic and advanced targeted online and off-line advocacy campaigns.

Action Center 3.0

Surveys from Congressional staff revealed that volume, authenticity and personalization of messages are key for effective and impactful communications to Congress. Action Center 3.0 is a powerful tool that lets you perform successful communications. Using Action Center 3.0, you can create, manage and monitor your advocate mobilizations online, thereby increasing the overall advocate participation in these communications.

Download PDF  Download “Action Center 3.0″ PDF

Congressional Fly-ins

Almost all (97%) congressional staff said that in-person visits from constituents significantly influence the decisions of undecided legislators. Organizations usually facilitate constituent in-person visits by flying in their champion advocates to Capitol Hill or to district offices. However, setting up a fly-in and managing logistics for a fly-in is considered a cumbersome process, hence discouraging some organizations from performing this highly-influential activity.

The Congressional Fly-Ins module simplifies this for you. Using this module, you can easily track all activities of a fly-in from beginning-to-end, including identifying your champion advocates based on their previous participation, tracking advocate appointments with legislators, creating and delivering necessary handouts and recording appointment feedback and comments into the system.

Download PDF  Download “Congressional Fly-Ins” PDF

Bills and Votes

With this Aristotle 360 Grassroots module, you can manage and monitor bills and votes that are being considered in Congress. You can also view bills and votes that haven’t yet been considered in and you can track the positions (e.g. sponsorships, support levels) of legislators on your issues and other relevant bills for better targeting.

Download PDF  Download “Bills and Votes” PDF

Social Media – Facebook

Expand your advocate base greatly by directly reaching out to Facebook users and leveraging the viral nature of social media. Increase advocate participation on issues by letting advocates write to and call elected officials within Facebook.

Communicate with Advocates and Legislative Staff

Aristotle 360 Grassroots offers a variety of tools (e.g. blast email, advocate panel) to help your organization communicate with its targeted list of legislative staff members as well as  its most ardent advocates.

Data Services

Aristotle maintains a nationwide voter registration file with over 190 million registered voters. In addition to the wealth of voter demographics, Aristotle offers data for you to identify your voters based on their interests and hobbies. You can use this data in your advocacy campaigns for greater impact or to identify your champion advocates and donors for your causes.


Aristotle offers complete government affairs websites that include PAC and grassroots
content, an Action Center, legislator information, voter registration by state, an online
solicitation page with credit card processing, an activity-management function,
government affairs content and more. Aristotle offers a template site in which we
upload your information, or we can custom-design a site that fits your needs and
branding. Our content-management system will allow your staff to create and update
Web content quickly and easily.

Consulting and Services

Thinking about jump-starting a grassroots program for your organization? Have you been at it for a while and not seeing results? Simply overwhelmed by the amount of focused energy it takes to build and grow your existing grassroots program? Our team of grassroots experts has been there. Let Aristotle lighten your load – leave the dirty work to us.

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