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We're Hiring: Compliance and Technical Support

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Compliance Specialist (San Diego, CA or Washington, DC)

The Compliance Specialist researches new and changing requirements for the filing of federal and state political financial disclosure reports.  The Compliance Specialist drafts documentation and specifications for the programming team to update reports within Aristotle’s proprietary software products.       

  • Participates in quality assurance testing
  • Interfaces with state and federal election and campaign finance officials
  • Provides technical guidance to staff and customers regarding compliance matters
  • Creates and manages technical compliance documentation
  • Works closely with programmers, support teams and customers to identify and resolve compliance questions

Job Requirements:

  • College degree
  • Previous experience in election/finance compliance operations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a deadline driven environment
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Any programming experience is a plus

Technical Support Representative (Washington, DC)

The Technical Support Representative provides phone and e-mail support for issues pertaining to Aristotle software and data products.  Moreover, they serve as a front line support professional helping candidate committees, state parties, political action committees and voter data users troubleshoot and solve problems.

Job Functions:

  • Troubleshoot, resolve and respond to client questions received via phone and e-mail
  • Provide quality telephone and e-mail support with a high degree of customer service, technical expertise and timeliness
  • Display teamwork with Senior Tech Support Representatives and other departments
  • Maintain current knowledge of all product offerings and technical support procedures in order to provide accurate and timely information and solutions to customers
  • Accurately document client information and detailed problem/issue description(s) as well as troubleshooting steps and resolutions
  • Provide training on specific tasks in Aristotle applications
  • Available to work extended and weekend hours as needed

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum two years software help desk experience
  • BA/BS preferred
  • Microsoft or similar computer-related certifications a plus
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, FoxPro and SQL a plus
  • Excellent troubleshooting, problem solving, judgment and communication a must
  • Ability to present technical information to non-technical audiences a must

Product News: is Aristotle’s 24/7 online voter database – simply register (for free!) and you have instant around-the-clock access to purchase and dowload highly customizable voter data. You can select and target through a comprehensive selection of demographics including: political district, political party affiliation, gender, ethnicity, marital status, wealth, educational level and presence of children.

If you’ve visited before, you’ll notice that we’ve gotten a bit of a facelift this week – but that’s not all. We’ve also made a series of upgrades and additions to our core VoterListsOnline system. We’re pleased to offer you our most comprehensive, innovative voter data product to date.

With the new VoterListsOnline system, you can:

  • Easily edit your search as you go – if you’re building a query and need to make a change in one of the steps, you can go back and make the change without having to rebuild your query from step one.
  • Generate counts much more quickly.
  • Search using geo-spatial selects and hundreds of additional fields.
  • Save all query and export templates for easy access next time you login
  • Purchase Premium Fields, including:
    Home purchase/mortgage/refinance information
    Presence/ages of children per household
    Magazine subscriptions
    Hunting/fishing licenses
    Charity contributions
  • Additional polling options – including Targeted Random Sampling and Normalized Sampling
  • Access your “shopping cart” to purchase more than one file at a time.

We hope you like what you see! If you have questions, issues, or feedback we’re here 24/7 at or 800.243.4401. We want to hear from you.

- The Aristotle VLO Team

The Exterminator

Software companies routinely release upgrades to their applications. Aristotle International performs scheduled releases to our AI360 application to provide our clients with enhanced feature updates and improved system performance. You can locate the latest list of updates by going to Help>New Editions in the AI360 application.

With any release, there are always the possibilities of bugs being introduced regardless of the extensive and rigorous tests performed. The solution is to quickly identify and correct the issues. Let’s say you found a bug and placed a call into our knowledgeable Technical Support Team, who are available 24/7. How are the bugs tracked and exterminated after the initial call? The most efficient way is via a bug tracking software. Aristotle fully utilizes this technology to exterminate bugs.

There are numerous bug tracking software available. A good bug tracking software package will allow you to assign issues, provide status updates, and generate reports and statistics on problem areas. The following site does a good general comparison of some of the applications available:

-Trinh Cao


Over the past 5 years social networking has been gradually working its way from being the pet project of full time internet users; to changing the way people interact with themselves or more importantly: Corporate America. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc. have all gained the attention of Corporate America due to the high potential of ad revenue that each site possesses. With each site having more than a million members interacting with each other, (and subsequently the website) daily users are constantly interacting with banner ads, flash movies, quizzes and polls that seek to get their attention and influence their shopping habits in specific ways. Recently however, there has been an evolution in the online social networking process. What if businesses could not only inform users of their products; but also offer support at the lightning fast pace that internet users have grown accustomed to? Enter Twitter.

Founded in 2006, Twitters intent was to capture the rapid fire, text messaging style of conversation that showed popularity with cell phone and Instant Message applications. This would allow users to quickly ‘Tweet’ throughout the day, letting other users see what they were up to or communicate quickly through the website. It wasn’t long before companies realized that Twitter might be an interesting way to augment and improve the support services they already offered clients. Companies like Comcast & DISH have found that by monitoring Tweets (for keywords regarding problems in service, outages, customer service reps, etc.) they are able to respond to issues at an almost proactive pace; something that has many a consumer smiling, considering the age old experience of lengthy wait times and 800 numbers.

It is encouraging to see that Social Networking technology is evolving to not just be a way to find out what your co-workers favorite movies are; but to change the way that Corporate America can interact with the Web 2.0 generation.

- Will