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Maryland Voter Break Down Improved with Update on

1-7-15_MD-lrgAristotle’s Maryland voter file has everything you need to know about voters post-midterm elections. With a spotlight on the city of Bowie in Prince Georges County – a stones throw from Washington, DC.

  • Just under 40,000 voters registered in Bowie
  • 43.9% of these Bowie voters are High Propensity voters

These data points and more are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to our voter file and data solutions

Check out the update today on to see how Aristotle’s industry leading data can help you crack the big data equation for your next campaign.

General Vote History Added to South Dakota Voter File

1-5-15_SD-GVH14-VLOOur South Dakota voter file was recently updated with new data: 2014 General Vote History.

The South Dakota file is available online at and ready to help you start 2015 the right way.

At Aristotle we make ‘big data’ accessible which in turn allows you to understand and use voter demographics and micro-targeting like never before. Give us a try and see what all the talk is about – it could just save your next campaign!

Alabama Voter File Updated for 2015 Races

12_18 AL-lrgWith 2015 starting tomorrow we thought we would let you know that we have recently updated our Alabama voter file so that you can get the new year started right!

What you need to know about Alabama post-midterms:

  • Alabama voters do not register by Party
  • 31.45% of voters are Inferred Republicans and only 6.51% are Inferred Democrats
  • The GOP has taken over the Alabama Legislature with significant margin over the Democrats

Learn more today about Alabama voters and be ready for 2015 right now with

North Carolina 2014 General Vote History Added to Voter File

North-Carolina-GE-14-VH_12-23-14We recently updated our North Carolina voter file with 2014 General Vote history and we wanted to make sure that you knew about it!

Aristotle makes ‘big data’ accessible and easy to use. Allowing you to reach and understand demographics and micro-targeting like never before. Give us a try and see what all the talk is about – it could just save your campaign!

The North Carolina file is available online at and ready to help you start 2015 on the right foot.

2014 General Vote History Added to Our Delaware Voter File

Delaware-GE-14-VH_12-24-14We recently updated our Delaware voter file with 2014 General Vote history and we wanted to make sure that you knew about it!

Aristotle makes ‘big data’ accessible and easy to use. Allowing you to reach and understand demographics and micro-targeting like never before.

Our Delaware voter file is now available online at Take a look and see what’s inside!


Key Races Coming to Louisiana in 2015, Get the Voter Files You Need Today

12_8 LA-lrgAfter 2014, you would think there might be some political respite in Louisiana. Lucky for you, 2015 will be just as exciting with races ranging from a gubernatorial tussle to several municipal battles.

Declared candidates for the election include John Bel Edwards, Minority Leader of the Louisiana House of Representatives for the Democrats and Senator David Vitter.

What you need to know about Louisiana post-midterms:

  • Over 2.7 million voters, the majority of whom have a phone.
  • However, only 30% of voters have an email address.

The majority of registered voters in Louisiana are Democrats, coming in at 47%. Republicans are in the minority with 27% , and 25% identifies with other parties. When you’re contacting your voters, be sure to know what their tendencies are by reviewing this map, which details the concentration of Democrats and Republicans throughout the state.

Learn more today about Louisiana’s voters and gear up for 2015 right now with

Columbus Mayor Up for Grabs and More Races Coming to Ohio in 2015

12_1 OH-lrg

Columbus’s longest serving mayor in history, Mayor Michael B. Coleman, has announced that he’s not running for re-election. This leaves the seat open, and the Democratic City Council Chairman has been making moves to run.

On May 5th, 2015, the Ohio primary elections are due, so that is your cue to get the lowdown on Ohio voters post-midterm elections.

  • Ohio has nearly nearly 7 million registered voters, with Columbus taking in about 434,000. 6.4% of whom are high propensity primary voters.
  • Over 59% of Ohio voters have registered a phone, and 34% have email.
  • 17% of voters are registered Republicans, 11% Democrats, and 70% are registered with other parties.

Get in touch today with what is going on with Ohio. Aristotle has all the data you could ever want, and better yet, it is also the most up-to-date set you will find.

Learn more today and get set up for 2015 with

Need Maine Voters? Concentrate on These Three Counties

11_12 ME-lrg

In Maine, 40.9% of voters reside in three counties: Cumberland, Lewiston and Bangor of which 10.9% of them have an interest in fishing.

What doest that mean? Well, the Gulf of Maine Cod population is at an all time low and federal regulators will be meeting to consider new regulations next week.

With such causes affecting voters statewide it is always good to know what hot topic issues might make them sway one way or the other. That is why we recently updated our Maine voter file on

Check them out today and see how Aristotle data can help you in your next election cycle.

Prepping for Florida Special Primary Elections in 2015 Starts Now

11_11 FL_lrgWhile midterms are in the rearview mirror for most, this is not a time to relax for Floridians.

Come January 27th and April 7th of next year, Florida will be holding special primary elections for 3 state legislature seats.

Because we know that you always need the freshest, most accurate data available to plan your GOTV and fundraising strategies we have just updated our Florida voter file on

The 3 races cover over 500,000 potential voters meaning every vote counts. In State Senate District 06 there are 310,634 voters of which 18.4% are considered High Propensity Voters.

Get started today so that when the primaries roll around you aren’t on the losing end!

How to Reach Wyoming Voters Post-Midterm Elections


Every seasoned politico knows that when one campaign ends, the next isn’t far away.

That is why Aristotle works around the clock to make sure that all our state voter files are up-to-date with the most current statistical data you need. We recently updated our Wyoming voter file on just for you.

Make a plan of action for reaching the 46% of registered voters that voted in the Wyoming primary. Or gather data on the 55.02% of voters that have a known phone number.

The options are seemingly endless when you are talking data with our experts. Tune in now and start building a stronger voter database in Wyoming.