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It’s Your Voter Data, Own It

cm_ipadThe 2012 election solidified the need for collecting extensive and detailed amounts of voter data. Unfortunately, a question that is oftentimes not asked is who ultimately owns the data.

For instance, you wouldn’t share yard signs with your opponent during a primary, right? So why share your data? Aristotle believes your data is yours, period.

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Hotly Debated Right-to-Work Legislation Could Decide Kentucky’s Governor Race

4-14-15_KY-lrgIt appears that this year’s gubernatorial race in Kentucky could hinge on one hot topic: right-to-work legislation.

The GOP candidate, James Comer, states that passing a statewide right-to-work law would be his first priority if elected. While at the same time, the Democratic front runner, Jack Conway, strongly opposes such a law.

What does the Kentucky electorate think of right-to-work legislation? Are they for or against, or do they just not care?

Here are some insights into how voters might see this issue with our recently updated Kentucky voter file:

  • 43.6% of Kentucky voters are profiled as Social Conservatives
  • 3.8% of these voters are business owners
  • 39.3% of Kentucky voters are profiled as Social Liberals
  • 2.0% of voters profiled as Social Liberals are business owners

Log on to today to learn more about our Kentucky state voter file and how Aristotle can help make 2015 and 2016 a major success for your campaign.

Maximize GOTV Efforts with Aristotle Consumer Database – now offering more than voters.

Whether you are ready to take your GOTV campaign to the next level, expand your outreach efforts or need data for non-political projects, Aristotle’s consumer database at has the data you need.


Key features include:

  • 205 million individuals nationwide
  • Hundreds of data fields, including purchasing and lifestyle information
  • Custom lists from county, address, Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) or Direct Marketing Area (DMA)
  • Geospatial function to locate consumers within a selected radius

Contact us here to access our consumer database today! Or, call (877) 837-2747.

Analyze Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Better with the Help of

4-6-15_WI-lrgDid you know that Milwaukee county makes up twenty percent of all Wisconsin voters? Or that thirty-one point nine percent of the county’s voters are Inferred Republican or Inferred Democrat?

With Aristotle’s updated Wisconsin voter file, a campaign has the ability to create a custom solution for its candidate.

Five hundred plus enhancements allow for targeted fundraising, creation of time-saving walk lists, expert GOTV strategy and much more. Twenty-four hour, seven day a week customer service provides the safety blanket for when you need help most.

Log on to today to learn more about our Wisconsin state voter file, Milwaukee County voters and how Aristotle can help make 2015 and 2016 a major success for your campaign.

Virginia Voter Update: 2014 General Vote History Added

4-6-15_VA-VLO-GVHOur latest voter file update is now online at Log on today to access 2014 General Vote History for Virginia.

We provide unrivaled, accurate data, 24/7 customer support and competitive pricing structures to let your campaign build a strong foundation without having to worry about the essentials.

With our vast array of data enhancements available for each state, it is easier than ever to start piecing together a winning strategy for any campaign in 2015 and 2016.

Connect with New Jersey’s Phone Oriented Voters in 2015 Using

4-3-15_NJ-lrgOn June 2, 2015, all of New Jersey’s assembly seats will be up for primary election.

As the election draws closer, campaigns can lean on Aristotle’s recently updated New Jersey voter file for a final push.

Here is a sample of what you can find on New Jersey voters via

  • 32.75% of New Jersey voters are Registered Democrats
  • 19.96% are Registered Republicans
  • 6.3% of voters are considered High Propensity Primary Voters
  • 56% of High Propensity Voters have High Connect Phones

Effective usage voter phones could spell an opportunity for campaigns to reach voters with more targeted messaging and in turn driving GOTV efforts on Election Day.

Explore our vast array of data enhancements and start piecing together a winning strategy for your primary and general election run in 2015.

How Much Will Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act Divide Voters?

4-3-15_IN-lrgAristotle’s updated Indiana voter file comes with access to 500+ enhancements, 24/7 customer service and price bundling options on Now put them to good use to better understand Indiana’s electorate.

In 2015, campaigns will be faced with the issue of the moment: the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is now a law as of this past Thursday. Public outcry has already begun in Indiana and across the nation.

Here are some key data points about Indiana voters to be aware of:

  • Indiana voters don’t register by party
  • 12.2% of voters are identified as moderate to liberal on social issues or supporting LGBT rights
  • 72.2% of these voters are High Propensity Voters
  • 52% of these voters can be contacted via a High Connect Phone

Gain access to our Indiana voter file today and start planning your voter outreach programs.

Orange County Election Provides Insight on Coupling GOTV and Data in California


On March 26, 2015, the LA Times published an article regarding the Orange County 1st Supervisory race held in January.

It went on to say that the favorite, Louis Correa, had held a strong edge in his heavily latino Santa Ana stronghold, but still managed to lose the election to Andrew Do in a very close election.

With Do sharing the Asian vote with two other rival Asian candidates, how did he manage to beat Correa? The answer was a strong GOTV push that allowed Do to turn out his constituency.

With Aristotle’s recently updated California voter file campaigns can now access the most accurate voter data available – allowing them to create walk lists and GOTV programs to seal the deal come Election Day. provides access to 500+ enhancements that will make targeting easier and more complete.

Access this voter file today.We offer 24/7 customer services and price-friendly bundling options, as well as, many more data-related perks!

Massachusetts 2014 Primary and General Vote History Added to

4-2-15_MA-PRI-GVH-VLOAristotle regularly updates its voter files like our Massachusetts file which you can access 24/7. Explore the hundreds of enhancements available for all 50 states and start building a stronger, more accurate voter database in 2015 and 2016.

We now have 2014 Primary and General Vote History for Massachusetts on our voter data site,

Aristotle has been providing quality data, quickly to political clients for the last 25 years.

New Hampshire 2014 Primary and General Vote History Added to Voter File

3-31-15_NH-VLO-GVH-PRINew on Aristotle’s voter data site,, is 2014 Primary and General Vote History for New Hampshire.

Aristotle regularly updates its voter files like our New Hampshire file which you can access today.

Explore the hundreds of enhancements available for all 50 states and start building a stronger voter database in 2015.

With over 25 years of voter data experience, Aristotle has been providing quality data, quickly to presidents, senators, representatives, governors, state legislators and many more political clients like… you!