Campaign Management Tools

Aristotle 360

Federal and International Campaigns

Rated highest in customer care and technology by members of the prestigious Public Affairs Council two years in a row, Aristotle 360 is the premiere campaign management suite for federal campaigns.

Aristotle 360 Dashboard

  • Aristotle 360 Dashboards give you the full view of your supporter list, fundraising events,cash flows, and more. With its to-the-second data analysis, you can setup your media buys and GOTV drives.
  • Raise more donations than ever before through our FatCats donor data
  • Provide varying levels of access to an unlimited number of users
  • Organize and implement your advocacy emails, walk lists and fundraising efforts through several Mass Activity Wizards
  • Seamlessly integrate all your data including online contributions, volunteers, snap polls, get-out-the-vote efforts, targeted banner ads, targeted emails, and events.
  • Assign activities to individuals
  • Create users with varying levels of access (i.e. data entry, administrators, fundraisers)
  • Manage your organization’s events calendar
  • Open Web-service architecture provides seamless integration for all information assets, including website activity, such as contributions, volunteers, snap polls, get-out-the-vote efforts, targeted banner ads, targeted emails and events.
  • Create and blast personalized HTML and text e-mails from within your Aristotle program.
  • Aristotle’s email servers are “White-Listed” with all major email providers so bulk email sent from Aristotle will not be flagged as spam.
  • Aristotle 360 ‘plays well with others,’ allowing you to configure third-party services to work with your 360 software.
  • Your data, crosschecked with details from our National Voter File and FATCATS™ list of state contributors, is continuously cross-referenced with address changes and voter file details.


Aristotle’s affordable solution for state and local campaigns

BackOffice dashboard
BackOffice offers an unmatched set of user-friendly features that help you manage your campaign, including compliance reporting, accounting tools, communication tools like broadcast emails, and a host of other management features. Like Aristotle 360, BackOffice is entirely web based, which means you have nothing to install and you can access it over any internet connection.

Additionally, BackOffice offers unlimited free customer support and month-to-month contracts.

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