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Online Fundraising is a cost-effective, Web-based fundraising tool used to significantly increase your small donations that you like us would not have received using traditional methods of raising money. can work independently by providing a customizable contribution form, or be accessed through Aristotle’s Campaign Manager product, where donations can be accepted and processed without ever leaving the software. With Aristotle’s system, candidates, campaign managers and finance directors will see:

  • Easy and secure processing of your donations
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express compatibility
  • 100% guaranteed compliance with all Federal Election Commission (FEC) and state regulations
  • Simple integration with Aristotle campaign software
  • Free set up and no hidden fees

If you don’t raise, you don’t pay.

Donor Data

Aristotle’s state contributor files provide high-quality political data that are checked for accuracy against registered voter information and maintained to stay current. The files are the only fundraising data source you’ll need to fully understand your voters and your district. The list of contributors originates from state disclosure information filed by candidates, PACs, and party committees with the State Board of Elections.

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Aristotle 360 – Political Fundraising Software for Federal Campaigns

Aristotle 360 Dashboard
Aristotle 360 is a Web-based, data-management tool for political campaigns that includes powerful fundraising features:

  • Integrated Tools – Integrate all of your fundraising activities with our full suite of campaign tools. Set your goal amounts, coordinate your events, manage your direct mail, execute your email contribution drive, and dominate in fundraising.
  • FatCats – With the push of a button you can save hours of time by viewing donor histories from the FEC and state donor records for individuals in your database. See who is approaching their contribution limits and evaluate the wisdom of accepting contributions from them.
  • Mass Email Activity – Create and blast personalized HTML and text emails from within Aristotle 360.
  • Fundraising Advocate’s Page – Give your advocates the tools to help your campaign raise more through their own fundraising page for your campaign. Easily view reports of their success and assign them activities to complete.
  • Credit Card Processing – Process credit cards right through Aristotle 360 and allow for online donations as well with

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BackOffice – Political Fundraising Software for State and Local Campaigns

BackOffice dashboard
BackOffice is another Web-based campaign-management software offered by Aristotle. The program is an award-winning tool that offers a variety of innovative tools:

  • Email blast tools – Send HTML-rich donation solicitation emails to records in your database.
  • Accept Online Donations – Accept online payments, one-time or recurring. Integrate your donation page directly with your website. All of these donations are automatically added to your campaign accounting records and are included in your government reporting.
  • Public Pages – Easily build online forms that capture information for volunteers, fundraising and events, and add that information directly into your database.
  • Integrated Government Reporting – The built-in government reporting tool allows you to print or e-file your reports directly from the system.
  • Event Management – Organize fundraising events with BackOffice’s built-in calendar.
  • Campaign Management – Manage and share your campaign’s calendar with all your users.

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